Saturday, January 27, 2007

Stacie's Links (click on the Vienna Actionist films and you can watch them)

Woong Jo Links

Actually this site was started as a digest site for news clips of arts and culture. However, this site offers "artsjournalblogs" at which gathers personal blogs under the topic of culture, dance, media, music, publishing, and visual.

As seen in the web address, this blog is about cars. There are several panels who post news clips and their personal thoughts and anything new about cars. This blog is pretty good to gather how people think about a certain car.

This blog is one of most visited blogs and websites which deal with the cutting edge technologies in electronic stuffs.

Katie's Links (a great blog on toilets) (my favorite!!!)

Rachel Links = i like blogs with five zillion links for the links only.
not necessarily the blog.
(this is simply fabulous)
(try it!)
(crispin was an art & tech grad who unexpectedly passed this year.
his project DO SOMETHING is extraordinarily inspirational)
(the more people talk, eat, take pictures, and look at picture of
FOOD the better!!!) -- senza meat, because we all know meat isn't
really food. it's murder. :)

(dunno so much about the blog, BUT there are five jillion feminist

(one truly crazy lady)